The Barons

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What is a Baron?

The Barons is a 35-year-old organization founded by Ralph Slavens, John Q. Hammons, Sam Hamra, Dewayne Holden, and Jim Hagale many of Springfield’s finest individuals. The Barons was by invitation only by the original founding members. Their tenet was to come together with once a month, with one purpose in mind, “To make Springfield a better place to live, raise a family, and to thrive”.   Politics, Religion, Race, Wealth, Sex, or Social status was not a determining factor. This tenet was distilled into these 4 qualities listed below. Springfieldian of like-minded people who enjoy, camaraderie, and a very special “esprit de corp” as we continue to champion our great community!

We define the qualities we like-minded people have in common as follows:

        1. Duty, Being the best that you can be in the God given talents that you possess, regardless of your chosen field of endeavor.  Mentoring those around you in that same field you have chosen to assist them to be better at their vocation.

        2. Honor, Being the one who your friends count on as the one who will stand up and do or say the right thing even if it is not in vogue, or popular.  People look up to you for advice or counsel.  To be fair minded. 

        3. Country, A person who is active in their neighborhood, school boards, county elections, city affairs, state affairs, and our country affairs.  Not flaunting your party affiliations or denigrating others. A genuine look to the future to make our community, our country a better place for our families, children, grandchildren, friends, and neighbors. 

        4. Welcome Time, for a prayer, a pledge of allegiance, a compelling program, and a moment of silence to pause and count our blessings as we share a meal together.

We continue to invite like-minded people to join us in this worthy endeavor!